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Hotel System

1. Reservation management

■ Room Assign Function
・ Hotel reservation work can be done by simple operation with touch panel.
・ In the case of consecutive nights, optimum room allocation is also possible with the batch assign function.
・ Rakuten Travel reservation e-mail can be automatically analyzed and imported as reservation data.
■ Room Indicator
・ It is easy to understand room information display.
・ Before check-in, lodging, going out, before cleaning ・ cleaning completed, use of room is prohibited, etc. are clear.
■ Customer Management
- Customer's usage history and accommodation memo can be viewed immediately.
・ We can manage individuals and corporate customers.
・ Immediate response to sudden walk-in customers. Check-in is completed with room selection and simple customer information input.
・ CSV output is available for customer information.

Front POS System

■ Check-in function
・ Easy check-in regardless of individuals or groups, customers will not be kept waiting at reception.
・ Easy operation can be realized from check-in to receipt issuance just by inputting money, there is no need to make customers wait at the front desk.
■ Check out function
・ The checkout screen makes it easier to understand at the first glance the excess / deficit amount.
・ Correspond to front reception, cash, accounts receivable etc.
・ Issue of receipt can be selected individually or collectively.
■ Security function
・ Permission registration for each system user is possible.
・ Keep a log of system operations.
■ "Linkage with customer management software and sales management software (optional).
The amount of information that can be managed by linking with customer software and sales information is greatly improved.