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Treatment Assistance System
Unit Version
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Treatment Assistance System
Unit Version

Benefits of the System

Management of multiple children by installing unit functions
@Equipped with the ability to create a diary and calendar for each unit such as class or living room. It is a version designed for large facilities.
Significant reduction in posting time to various diaries
@From the input of the daily report, it becomes possible to prepare a child development record for each month, and it is possible to drastically reduce the time spent for posting to each journal.
Easily create reports and management materials by utilizing from daily input data
@Various forms such as reports and management materials can be output to Excel format files from the child register and the daily report data input daily.
It is possible to take over smoothly by creating a daily diary etc.
@It is possible to register progress records, health visits, visits to overseas visits, etc. It is also easy to hand over to the staff of the night duty.
Unified management of child information and support content is possible
@Unified management of child register and support information by database.

System Function Description

Children ledger management function
@Information such as child name and date of birth, admission, withdrawal information, staff in charge, room information, insurance card, examination ticket, resident code, infectious disease, hospitalization information, vaccination information, history information (name, address, contact information) Function to manage child information. Output is possible with Excel sheet.
Monthly Calendar
@The monthly schedule etc can be input for each unit.
@ Output is possible with Excel sheet.
Unit Diary Function
@A diary can be entered for each unit set by the master. Because you can designate multiple children in the unit, it is a function for large facilities with many classes and rooms.
@ Output is possible with Excel sheet.
Daily report input function E Child development training management function
@You can enter information such as progress record information, health record, hospital record information, visitation, overnight information, telephone, letter information, daily journal.
@ Output is possible with Excel sheet.
Children ledger output function
@Measures Child ledger output, measures for children Children's roster, children's roster for each place of birth, children's roster for each place of birth (total for each municipality), school list by reason for different reasons, school year by year, childhood classification, gender- Can output in.
Daily report output function
@Daily reports such as progress record, health E hospital record, visitation / night stay record, telephone / letter record can be output on Excel sheet.
Master function
@Master functions necessary for work such as staff master, child consultation center master, relationship master, action reason master, municipal master, entry route master, exit reason master, insurance type master, hospital name master.
Auxiliary function
@Supplementary functions such as collective setting of child ledger marks, entrance / exit setting of child registration books, initial setup of the system.

System Requirements

OS / Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or later
CPU / Celeron (1 GHz or higher recommended)
Memory / 1 GB or more (2 GB or more recommended)
Hard disk / 1 GB or more free space
Software / Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Excel 2007
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
(Internet Explorer 7.0 operation confirmed)
XGA (1024 * 768) or more display
It is also possible to configure with one PC (server / client).
However, only when the OS is "Windows XP Professional", "Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate", "Windows 7 Home Premium, Business, Ultimate".