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Product Sight System

Product Sight

Main Features

It is possible to manage all costs related to products, such as materials, processing, labor costs, by simple operation using barcodes.
We have packaged the standard business of the manufacturing industry from order receiving business to shipping business.
It realizes short delivery time E multi-product E small lot production.

Benefits of the System

Realize accurate gross profit management
@Profit management is possible by monthly, period by year, year by sales order unit, customer's unit.
Realize the quantification of operations
@We will increase your development ability by grasping the numerical value of this system.
Accurate business analysis support
@We support the improvement of business through sales analysis or failure management.
High quality control achieved
By conducting defective inputs, we expect quality improvement as well as grasping detailed causes, factors and trends.

System Functions

Order Processing
@From the entry of order entry information, we can support total confirmation of the order status on daily and monthly basis.
@We can grasp the production instruction / plan and progress situation, improve the delivery time compliance rate and speed up the delivery date reply.
Inventory processing
@By reflecting on the current stock, it is reflected in the production instruction plan, providing an accurate production plan and suppressing excess production.
Purchasing management
By conducting defective inputs, we expect quality improvement as well as grasping detailed causes, factors and trends.
Sales management
Unit management from shipping to sales. Also supports payment management () and accounts receivable ().
Cost control
Production daily report E Sales are interlocked, and cost management is a cost management concept that is always cost conscious with its own cost accounting method.
It realizes labor saving of slip entry by online import.
Order processing
We intend to link interlocking production and outsourcing production arrangements, eventually reflecting them in the process, and also allowing process control of outsourcing.
Failure information
Manage product defect information in detail from the production process to the delivery. It is the mechanism which does not cause the same defect next time. ()
Tool management
It eliminates duplicate ordering of tools and consumables and reduces invisible costs. ()

() Option function.

System Screen

Main Menu Main Menu
It is the main menu screen of the production control system.
Order entry (Order) Order entry
Arrangement is possible as soon as you enter order entry.

Order entry (inventory information)
You can enter order entry while referring to the inventory status (entrance / discharge) in the past year.

Production instruction manual editing
You can edit the instructions while checking whether it is arranged on the same screen or not yet arranged.

System Requirements

Operating Server Environment
OS / Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
CPU / multicore processor (1 GHz or higher recommended)
Memory / 2 GB or more (4 GB or more is recommended)
Hard disk / Free space of 20 GB or more
Software / Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later
Client operating environment
Windows Vista,7
Display with XGA (1024 ~ 768) or more

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