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Attendance Management System
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Attendance Management System

Product Sight

Main Features

Easy stamping with a barcode
@At the time of work attendance or leaving work, the stamping is completed simply by reading with a barcode. Total record of actual results with just the daily stamping. The embossing correction history also remains. You can select whether to embroidery or not (master setting) for break time.
Personnel cost simulation with budget management function
You can simulate personnel expenses in real time during shift creation or capture. It is possible to grasp the budget by company wide branch, individual branch individual, individual day by day, shift management according to budget and achievement is possible.
Corresponds to a wide range of industries ranging from restaurants, welfare facilities to manufacturing industry
It corresponds to a wide range of industries from restaurants and supermarkets with many stores to welfare facilities and manufacturing industry.
Corresponds to many aggregation patterns
As well as being able to register multiple work schedules, we will respond flexibly to aggregation rules according to your company's employment rules.
Initial cost is greatly reduced, Operational cost is also low
Because it is a cloud type, purchase of software and servers is unnecessary at the beginning. What monthly fee will be generated all the time? Although it tends to tend to think, compared with the personnel expenses, utilities cost, the system prepared for failure, etc which manages the server by our company, it is profitable even if it looks in the long term.
Encryption ensures security
It is a high security system that allows only encrypted communications by SSL and access from clients with encrypted key data in the PC.

Administration Menu Details

Employee List
@We will register employee information, authority and unit price.
Management form amendment
@We will confirm, modify and approve attendance.
Embossing history
@Correction of erroneous embossing etc., history checking will be done.
Scheduled attendance
We will capture the shift table created with EXCEL.
Budget management
Based on the imported shift table, you can view the budget by branch office, branch office individuals, and individuals.
Monthly report output
We will output the time schedule and export the payroll data.
Register company basic information E branch office, work system.

System Screen

Main Menu Screen
Attendance Schedule Screen

Budget Management Screen (Individual)

Budget Management Screen (By branch office)

System Requirements

Usage Environment
PC connected to the Internet
(Internet Explorer 10 or more)
Server Environment
Data Center

Embossing Method
Keyboard, barcode, finger vein authentication
finger vein authentication option
Software cooperation
Payroll system OHKEN "salary Minister" and CSV cooperation
Linking with other systems is optional