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Childcare Management System
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Childcare Management System

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Main Features of the System

■ Various functions to alleviate the work of a busy childcare professional
 Various functions are provided to alleviate day-to-day business burden of nursery teachers. We support creation of guidance plan and registration of progress records.
■ Listing the attendance status in conjunction with the entrance and exit system
 In collaboration with our parking system, we can list the attendance status of children.
■ Template function dramatically reduces creation time
 As templates, you can reduce the creation time by registering annual guidance plan, monthly plan, individual plan, dietary plan etc etc. By default, frequently used cases are registered as templates, so you can add and edit them based on that template. Since it is also possible to call up and create actual results registered in the past, you can create a plan that fits yourself by accumulating know-how.
By referring to the example of the template, it also leads to knowledge improvement of the nursery teacher.
■ Template function also leads to improvement of knowledge of nursery teacher
Since concrete examples have been registered as templates, you can grasp that "By planning this month's proposal for this month of this age, create it with such consciousness" by calling the template. It will help you to improve your knowledge.
■ All output forms can be output in Excel format
All forms can be output in Excel. Because it is Excel, it can be diverted, such as copying and pasting data after output.
■ Compliant for both PC and tablet
It corresponds to both terminals of personal computer and tablet.

Main Functions of the System

■ Progress record
 You can create a daily progress record.
You can record attendance record, reason input at the time of sickness, ingestion record of meal feeding, output of attendance record, medication record, health record, temperature record, hirabira ・ accident report record.
■ Daycare log
 You can create a daily diary.
You can create a daily schedule that you can use as a daily plan. (Copy from template is possible)
■ Childcare course
 You can create a nursery school course.
■ Annual guidance plan
 An annual instruction plan can be created. (With template function)
■ Month plan
 You can create a monthly plan.
■ Personal plan
 We can prepare the necessary drafts for children 0 to 2 years old.
■ Dietary education plan
 You can create an annual dietary plan.
■ Annual Event
 An annual event schedule can be registered for the entire garden and for each class.
■ Master
 ・ Template progress record
   ・ Template day care diary
   ・ Template annual instruction plan
   ・ Template monthly plan
   ・ Template individual plan
   ・ Template education plan
   ・ Staff master
   ※Class masters and child masters will register on the linked day-and-fall system「Ohayou、Sayonara、Mata ashita」.

System Screen

Progress record
Annual guidance plan

Proposed Month

Personal plan

Eating education plan

Annual events

System Requirements

■ Client environment
Windows 7 or later
Internet Explorer 11
Excel 2013 or more
■ Server environment 
Windows 7 Pro、Windows 10 Pro

■ Software cooperation
Our daycare system
「Ohayou、Sayonara、Mata ashita」