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        Globalization leads to maximum computer utilization in every locale. Thus, hardware & software are optimum vitals in all PC units in homes and work stations. With our ON-SITE or OFF-SITE service, our customers achieve greater comforts and production.

It is a system with an exclusive design development for the child care institution!

 Our system was produced together with the instructors of the child care facility. It is a dedicated development package reflecting the voice of the site, so smooth introduction and operation are possible.

Easily create various submitted documents simply by entering daily reports

 You can output various submitted documents in Excel format from application materials. Therefore, it is easy to edit and process the creation of report materials other than the system.

Customization is highly flexible according to your request

 According to customer's request, this system can customize highly flexible, such as editing the form format, adding screens, and adding functions. Before delivering the system, you can customize even after delivery.

Data can be shared with remote facilities!

 By using the Internet VPN, it becomes possible to share data between remote facilities. For example, sharing in an environment such as this garden and group home is possible.

We have earned high praise from each installed facility

 Since it operates with "Internet Explorer", since it can be operated easily with the sense of the homepage, even from busy instructors, we are gratefully appraised as easy to use.
About 20 facilities including Tokyo, Ibaraki Kanagawa, Yamanashi, Aichi, Mie, Okayama, Iwate etc. have already been installed.

Maintenance service after system delivery is substantial

After system delivery, maintenance service is enhanced mainly around "regular support" service. If you subscribe to our regular support service at the same time as treatment assistance system, we promise to be able to use treatment assistance system with confidence after system delivery.
For detailed explanation about regular support service Click here!
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In the treatment assistance system, we have various versions to answer the needs of various customers. For uncertainties about each version, please contact us.