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        ASC offers a vast variety of Hardware and Software products that fits all kinds of demand from simple & cheap to complicated & costly.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries of our products.


        In the event the customer tries to read and understand a hardware or software manual (ex. setting methods, operations, etc.) but later failed in understanding it, a substantial time was already lost.
        However, if the product was purchased to us, we will be glad to deploy experienced staff to assist and guide the customer. In addition, as part of our service, we will also handle the set-up and installations. At ASC, everything is possible! Time, ignornance, quantity of demand , etc is not a problem.


        In introducing a new system, installing the system to the computer is not the only thing to accomplish. There are still certain things to be considered to make the system running. There are cases where hardwares, such as servers, printers, and softwares such as Payroll Minister ERP software are also needed.
        It is our duty to provide our clients the best options and choices from the selections of hardware and software we offer. Moreover, it's our role to set-up and install all these things in order to make the system run appropriately to the client's business environment and activities.


        We assure our clients that we are comitted to extend necessary assistances to all our products even after the product was purchased. Likewise, existing computer peripherals owned by customers can be subjected to our support services as required.
        We offer upgrading services to enbale the customer to use said original computer/s accesibly for a personal work station or for a business requirement.

Here are the details of our gSpecial Support Serviceh.