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Technical Troubleshooting
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Assign co.,Ltd.

879-2 Nakane, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki, Japan
The Ibaraki Pref. Public Safety Commission
Permit No.401040001016

        Assign's Technical Troubleshooting Service is made available for individual and corporate customers. We treat all kinds of computer & computer related troubles from simple to complicated ones. Please feel free to contact us on any inquiry regarding this service.


        We delegate our best technical crew/s to assist customers need however small the problem is... Please consult us immediately instead a bigger problem will come out that may lead to more severe complications and destructions.


        Globalization leads to maximum computer utilization in every locale. Thus, hardware & software are optimum vitals in all PC units in homes and work stations. With our ON-SITE or OFF-SITE service, our customers achieve greater comforts and production.


        We address all kinds of computer inquiries and troubles. Besides we believe that the more habitual PCsfare used, the faster it gets deteriorated but friendlier it becomes to the user. Manufacturers, vendors and electronics store outlets are customer-friendly whereby Assign & customers can obtain satisfactory responses too. If a customer is not satisfied of the information he/she got from another computer service company, our team is always available to hear and assist you.


        We shall respond immediately to customersfdemand of our products & services, particularly in troubleshooting services. With our technical support: computer access is a worry-free experience! Please consult to us your requirements and we will be glad to meet your most convenient schedule & place.
        We will promptly tap the concerns upon receipt of customer's request order. Contacting customers are treated fairly as those of our existing/original customers with our "Special Support Serviceh contract. Hereto, please refer to the detailed overview of our gSpecial Support Service".