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        We will introduce to the client a system to match their requirement and also teaches the daily procedural. Assign seriously complies with its in-house business processes outline which improve daily activities and cut down unnecessary flaws. If there are uncertainties regarding these procedures, please feel free to contact us we will be happy to assist and answer your queries.


        We only recommend the best solutions to fit our customer's requirements in a specified business concerns. For our client's convinience, we propose an on-site meeting. With that we can help our clients tackle and apply remedial measure/s immediately. At the client's place, we will be asking some necessary documents/materials that would be needed in the project development. Afterwhich we will prepare a documentation of the said customer's defined requirements that would be included in our project proposal.
        It will be a proposal that tackles the description and explanation on how our company and the customer will achieve the planned demand. We will discuss the directives of a particular technology and the number of work force needed to perform said project.


        Cost estimate is derived from the scope of work and materials needed as discussed during the meeting which can be presented to the customer as soon. Should the terms and conditions find agreeable to both parties (Assign and Client): the receipt of Purchase Order from the client by Assign follows.
        Thus, mark the beginning of work from Assign with full coordination and teamwork with the client. Once completed with the contracted project, we will immediately deliver the end-results thru a presentation & consultation to the client. We will determine and notify our clients of the schedule of their Project's delivery.


        Prior to Project start-up, a document named Specifications based on the requirement Analysis is prepared by Assign. (This varies from basic to detailed Specifications.) We develop the system in accordance with the given right specifications. Considerable items are divided through a production of related functions and screens.
        Methodology and sequence of activities involve in the handling of Project namely Design, Construction, Testing and Review are adopted. During the review stage, customer is required to participate too. Chances of brainstorming the opinions-ideas-comments on negative and positive effects, etc. took place within review.
        This review enable us to understand more our customer's most desired system. We can acknowledge or reject any eventual proposition from the customer, if we find client's idea not acceptable and dis-parallel to fruitful improvement. In doing so, a progress report from time to time is prepared for monitoring purposes.


        We propose to use and test the system in the actual business environment. We will test each phase of individual functions and screens as described in our test division (Scope of work-phase transcends by the extent of entire project and the customer) of pertinent phase in real work stations.
        Once related processes are successfully completed, a concluded procedure is prepared. The system is now ready for deployement- all installations required for the operation, such as related hardwares and softwares will be installed too! Basically, these things would only be handled by our authorized official and assigned staff. We also provide great information on Hardware and Software Sales. Kindly furnish us for reference.


        Upon delivery of our products & services, we conduct a follow-through visitations. It is a normal support activity since we are a company that handles system & hardware maintenance. By doing so, Assign can guarantee customer satisfaction. Therefore avoid any eventual issues & customer dissatisfaction. Kindly refer to the page which refers to the detailed information about our "Special Support Service".