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879-2 Nakane, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki, Japan
The Ibaraki Pref. Public Safety Commission
Permit No.401040001016

        Assign System Clinic strictly complies to its corporate principle-- "We sincerely value our clients' trust and continuously pioneering in I.T. innovations and advancements". Thus, certain company policies are made to be observed by our employees while giving our valued clients excellent service. In giving due respect and protection for our clients' trust, as a company, we adhere to the following policies which protect and give importance to our stakeholders' individual private information.

  1. When we acquire individual information directly, the collection and the purpose of use are being notified beforehand to the person concerned. If the person agrees with our notification, that's the only time we collect the person's information. However, in some cases, if the purpose of use is clear of the acquisition or it is permitted by ordinance or law, notification is disregarded.

  2. Acquired individual information is used or is offered within the range of the purpose of use only. Moreover, certain responsibilities and safety measures for that are observed. However, we can acquire the right if there's a consent from the concerned individual or permitted by ordinance or law.

  3. All standards and laws concerning the handling of individual information are observed. Thus, our company settled and conformed to JIS Q 15001 and Privacy Mark System (PMS) -- The Protection of Individual Management System.

  4. In order not to cause leakage, destruction or damage concerning the private information which our customers possessed and entrusted to us, all necessary measures will be applied.

  5. Any disclosures such as correction, deletion, utilization and stop of use of our clients' information will be treated immediately, honestly and respectfully.

  6. We are committed to fully improve our services for our clients at the same time constantly improving our Privary Mark System (PMS) standing.

Assign System Clinic
Mr. Masao Sagawa, ASC President
Effective Date: December 22, 2008

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal
information of our company, please contact:
TEL: 029-273-7811
FAX: 029-271-0070

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